Application Form

Flow of Application for Learning Unit III (LU III)

Download Application Form
  1. Get a Payment Order Slip at the Admissions Office (within the application period)
  2. Fill up all the information requested on the payment order slip.
  3. Present the payment order slip and pay the application fee to UP Manila Cashiers’ Office at Padre Faura (besides Registrar’s Office)
  4. Photocopy the receipt of payment
  5. Submit the payment order slip together with the receipt of payment (original and photocopy) to the Admissions Office.
  6. The Admissions Office will stamp “CLAIMED” your receipt and give you a numbered Application Form with Return Service Agreement (RSA) for regular applicant, or Acceptance to Serve and Assumption of Liability Agreement (ASAL) for Regionalization Program applicant.
  7. Please submit the following to the Admissions Office on or before the deadline:
    • Accomplished Application Form
    • Original Transcript of Records (for at least 3 ½ years)
    • 4 copies of 2×2 colored picture (put a signature on the front of your picture)
    • NSO Birth Certificate (photocopy but present the original)
    • ITR of both parents (photocopy but present the original)
    • Accomplished RSA or ASAL Form and its Reply Slip (back page of the primer of RSA or Regionalization Program)

    For the Regionalization Program applicant you need to submit the following to Community Liason Officer (CLO) of your respective region:

    1. RP Application Form
    2. NSO Birth Certificate
    3. RP Form #3 (to be provided by the Admissions Office)
    4. True copies of Income Tax return (ITR) of parents for the last three (3) years
    5. Voter’s/Comelec ID of parent (s) and applicant
    6. Letter of Intention addressed to the RPC Chair to be considered under the Regionalization Program and to serve the region (specific province) or underserved regions of the Philippines after graduation from medical school

* For those who downloaded the Application Form from the upcm website, please present the form to admissions office and follow step 1 to 7