International Students

International Student Linkages

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Rationale and Background

Through the years, the UP College of Medicine has endeavored to fulfill its vision/mission statement to be a leader and to excel in Community-Oriented Medical Education. At the same time, the College is also called upon by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) “to encourage and promote a borderless education for Filipino students to attain knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes that will make them globally competitive in medical education.”

Changes in higher education have encouraged participation in the development of a spirit of solidarity, based on networking, twinning programs and other forms of linkages. This is in keeping with a new vision of a Global University or a University for the world welcoming International Scholars and Students.

International exchanges, cooperative programs with community training and a wide array of administrative services are being laid out for the development of a distinct commitment, attitude and global awareness which transcend the entire higher education institute. Former CHED Commissioner Ester Garcia has said “internationalization is no longer a choice but a setting stage for ensuring quality in higher education in the Philippines.”

On this note, the UP College of Medicine encourages the crossing of educational and cultural barriers towards the development of a globally competitive curriculum and high quality students.


To establish and promote international linkages, cooperation and networking among our medical students towards the development of globally competitive and socially conscious medical graduates.


  1. Application
    1. International students are encouraged to apply for elective, clinical, community or research rotations in one or 2 departments offering an elective for a specific period of time, usually 4 to 8 weeks per department. The total duration of the elective rotation should not exceed 16 weeks.
    2. Application will be done through a written application form (IS-1)obtained from the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Development (ADAD) stating the following:
      • applicant’s short bio-data, learning objectives and methods for achieving the objectives, Clinical Department to rotate in, and period covered by such rotation.
      All International Undergraduate Students must pass through the ADAD office for proper registration and certification.
    3. The application is then forwarded tothe Department/s concerned with a copy furnished to the Office of the PGH Director for processing. During this time, modifications and arrangements with the applicant will be done by the Department Coordinator to come up with a final learning contract agreeable to both parties, including duration and date of rotation. This will be signed by the applicant and agreed upon by his/her 2 supervisors: one from the Department (Department coordinator or Department Chair) of the UP College of Medicine and the other from a person of equal rank from his/her home institution.
    4. An official Dean’s letter of acceptance will then be sent to the applicant with instructions to report to the ADAD office and the Office of the PGH Director upon arrival for a formal registration and orientation.
    5. An evaluation or grade given to the student by the Department, if required, must be submitted to the ADAD office for official documentation and certification.
    6. The following are the Documents to be completed by the applicant prior to official acceptance.
      • Application Form with Conforme (IS-1)
      • Biodata or Curriculum Vitae
      • Learning Contract duly approved by the Department Coordinator
      • Recommendation Letter from Home Institution (Dean’s or Registrar’s)
      • Immunization Certification (include Hepatitis A and B vaccines, Varicella, MMR, Tetanus toxoid)
      • Results of Chest xray taken with the last 6 months prior to rotation,
      • HIV test results
      • A copy of a Health and Accident Insurance Certificate (with coverage applicable in the Philippines)
      • A Waiver of Liability
      • Scanned passport
  2. Upon Arrival
    1. The Student will report to the ADAD Office for a Welcome Orientation and will be issued the appropriate forms for his/her official register
    2. He/She will undergo a physical examination at the Health Service of PGH.
    3. He/She proceeds to the Office of Student Affairs-International Students Relations at the 3rd Floor Student Center Building for processing of his/her temporary or provisional study permit. He/She should bring along his/her travel papers, passport, student visa permit and other pertinent documents. A maximum of one semester (5 months) can be allowed for issuance of a temporary or provisional study permit.
    4. He/She proceeds to the Registrar’s Office for the assessment and payment of fees:
      Educational Development Fund
      US$ 300 (summer elective)
      US$ 450 (semestral elective)
      Tuition Fee
      US$ 25 per week
      Hospital Fee
      US$ 60
      (Tuition and Hospital fees are subject to change)
    5. The student is then officially registered and enrolled upon completion of the above procedures.
    6. He/She proceeds to the Director’s Office to sign a waiver.
    7. After all of the above, he/she reports to the PGH Director before going to the designated Department Coordinator to present his the payment receipt to show he/she has been duly registered and has been officially enrolled.
  3. At the End of the Elective Rotation
    1. The Department Chair through the Department Coordinator will submit to the Dean’s Office the grade or evaluation of the student.
    2. The Dean through the College Secretary officially endorses and submits the grade to the student’s institution and provides the certification for the clinical rotation.
    3. The International Student should inform the PGH Director of the completion of his/her rotation

Housing and Accommodation

The College of Medicine does not have a student dormitory at the moment. Negotiations are underway between UP Manila and interested parties for the construction of housing facilities for students and even employees. However, there are private inns, hostels, apartelles and condominium units available around the campus with rates ranging from US$ 150 to US$ 400 per month. A list may be made available upon request.

Provisions for Elective Rotation of International Students

All International Undergraduate Students rotating in all Departments must be registered and duly approved by the Dean’s Office. No certification will be issued unless this is accomplished. Tuition fee, registration fees and other miscellaneous fees should be assessed and paid by the students at the Registrar’s Office.The certificate of completion of Elective Rotation will be signed by the UPCM Dean.International Undergraduate Students are subject to the rules of Conduct and Discipline as stipulated in the University Code and the Student Handbook.