Community Oriented Medical Education (COME)

In 1991, the vision-mission statement of the UP College of Medicine was institutionalized: “Towards leadership and excellence in community-oriented medical education, research, and service directed to the underserved utilizing the primary health care approach.” Two years later, the College Council resolved that all academic departments shall be community-oriented. To escalate the efforts at relevance in medical education, and ensure that all courses offered by the UPCM are community-oriented, the COME Unit was formed to champion the UPCM Vision-Mission. Since its formation, the COME Unit has continued to provide opportunities for the faculty members and the students of the UPCM to directly engage with communities in Pasay and the City of Manila. It also conducts COME workshops with the faculty and the students to develop their understanding of and commitment to the philosophy and methodology of community-oriented medical education. The COME Unit is currently headed by its chief, Dr. Lia M. Palileo-Villanueva, and vice-chief, Dr. Gene A. Nisperos.