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UP College of Medicine Faculty

The UP College of Medicine Faculty is a community of outstanding Filipino academicians, astute and compassionate clinicians, innovative researchers, and responsible community leaders with a strong social awareness towards a community-oriented medical education and service to the underprivileged. Our faculty is a unique combination of medical and non-medical doctors in various fields of basic medical sciences and clinical medicine. Its roster includes preeminent Professor Emeriti and erudite faculty in various academic ranks. Almost two thirds of its faculty are the Clinical Associate Professors who provide their services to the College and the Philippine General Hospital gratis et amore, a sterling reflection of the heightened sense of nationalism and volunteerism among our faculty.

The breadth and depth of expertise of its faculty serve as the pillars of medical education, research, and healthcare service in the Philippines. Our faculty are leaders in various professional medical societies and national initiatives towards the attainment of Universal Health Care in our country. Lastly, our faculty are the befitting examples of five-star doctors for our medical students to emulate and to be inspired.

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UP College of Medicine Faculty Association Report

The UP College of Medicine Faculty Association or UPCM Faculty Association is the faculty organization mandated by the College to promote camaraderie, fellowship, and social interaction among the faculty through various faculty initiatives directed towards professional and academic advancement. It was revitalized in 2019 during the start of Dean Charlotte M. Chiong’s term. The UPCM Faculty Association assists the newly appointed faculty for their smooth assimilation to the UPCM family. It provides assistance to the College during the recognition of faculty’s achievement in honoring its retiring faculty. On 2 August 2019, the UPCM Faculty Association held its first “Faculty Welcome Ceremony 2019” for the new faculty members. It assisted the College in recognizing the contributions of its retiring faculty by providing the statuettes of the Triumph of Science over Death (Scientia) or commonly known as “Lady Med”. It also contributed to the UPCM Faculty Assistance Fund for those faculty affected by COVID-19 during the pandemic.

The UPCM Faculty Association continues to support the welfare of the College of Medicine faculty through various activities that will encourage faculty participation in the wider issues confronting our College, University, and Country, through the promotion of the faculty’s critical awareness and community service. The UPCM Faculty Association is headed by (2022-2024) a dynamic group of faculty members of our College: Richard Henry P. Tiongco II, MD (President), Arsenio Claro A. Cabungcal, MD (Vice-President), Michele H. Diwa, MD (Secretary), Evangeline K. Villa, MD (Treasurer), Erlidia F. Llamas-Clark, MD (Member), Christine Susean S. Sagpao, MD (Member), Marilyn A. Tan, MD (Member), and Regina Rosario P. Vitriolo, MD (Member). It is supported by Dr. Liza Antoinette M. Gonzales, Associate Dean for Faculty and Students, as its adviser, and Ms. Shiela S. Pascual who is in-charge of the secretariat.

UP College of Medicine Faculty Association Seal