UP Med Webinars 2016 Class 1991

Date Title  
January 6AsthmaWatch
January 6UrticariaWatch
Feb 3Leveraging Technology for Continuing Medical EducationWatch
Feb 24Management of Sore ThroatWatch
Mar 2In Search of RetinoblastomaWatch
Mar 30Work-related Upper Extremity PainWatch
Apr 6Hepatitis CWatch
Apr 27Providing Solutions to Difficult-to-treat Atopic DermatitisWatch
May 2One Airway, One Disease: Allergic Rhinitis and Its Link to AsthmaWatch
May 25Cervical Cancer Prevention and TreatmentWatch
June 8Pediatric AsthmaWatch
June 29Primary Immunodeficiency DisorderWatch
July 20Seborrheic Dermatitis and PsoriasisWatch
August 3Fetal Origins of Adult DisordersWatch
August 31Management of Resistant HypertensionWatch
September 7Pins and Needles of Neuropathic PainWatch
September 8Understanding the Perils of Observational ResearchWatch
September 28Novel Therapies for Lung CancerWatch
October 5Congestive Heart DiseaseWatch
October 12Dengue Awareness and PreventionWatch
October 26Environmental Toxins and the Developing Child">Watch
November 9Cardiometabolic RiskWatch
November 16Glaucoma: Sneak Thief of SightWatch
November 23Grown-ups need vaccines, too: Keeping up with adult vaccinesWatch
Dec 7Seize and Desist: Arresting SeizuresWatch
Dec 7The Diabetic Diet: Established and Emerging TopicsWatch