UP Med Webinars 2018 Class 1993

Date Title  
Jan 24Kontra Bosyo, Kontra Gutom: Addressing Iodine Deficiency Disorders
Jan 31Chronic Hepatitis B: Diagnosis and Management
Feb 7Fever in a Child Immunized with Dengvaxia Vaccine: Guidance for Care
Feb 21Spider and Varicose Veins: Updates in Management
Feb 28Chronic Hepatitis C: Diagnosis and Management
Mar 7Asim! Updates on Management of Peptic Ulcer Disease
March 14More aggressive preventive therapy to control dyslipidemia
March 21Management of the Frail Older Person
April 4Better Diagnosis and Management at the Forefront: Rheumatoid Arthritis
April 11Chronic Pain Management at the Frontlines
April 18Rotavirus in Diarrhea
April 19Approach to Back Pain: Rheumatologist's Perspective
April 25Diet & Exercise, Diet & Exercise PLUS: Type 2 Diabetics are Getting Younger and Younger!
May 2Pinay Bukol-Bukol: Prevention, Early Detection and Management of Cervical CA
May 9Stemming the Tide: Pregnancy in the Young
May 10Preventing & Managing Wounds due to Diabetes Neuropathy
May 16Vision Screening: Strategies and GuidelinesWatch
May 17World Hypertension Day: Know Your Numbers!
May 23We can, I can! Cancer - Early Diagnosis, Management and the Role of Immunotherapy
May 3030 Cases a day! Dealing with the HIV Wave
June 6World No Tobacco Day: Smoking, Lung Cancer at iba pa
Jun 13National Kidney Month: Love Your Kidneys
Jun 20Power to the Women: Conquering the Pain of Endometriosis
Jun 27Vaccines and Health Promotion Opportunities for Teens in the School Setting
Jul 4Angina vs. Heartburn: Diagnosis and Management of GERD
Jul 11Hypertension Challenges: From the Personal to the Community based Perspective
Jul 19Understanding and Managing Heart Failure at the Frontlines (Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Management of HF)
Jul 25Diabetes Nutrition Therapy Updates and Novel Approaches
Aug 1Glaucoma: Silent Thief of Sight
Aug 8Principles of Vaccination and Vaccine Safety
Aug 15Buto-Buto: Joint Pains and When to Refer to your Friendly Ortho
Aug 16What you need to know about Axial SpA
Aug 23DM Again: Principles of Management (Which Agents for Which)
Aug 29Pinay Bukol Bukol Ulit: Myoma
Aug 30Baby Come Back! Vaccinate the Kids!(Increasing confidence in vaccines) (Rotavirus)
Sep 5Digital Transformation of Health Care: Guidelines for Doctors & Health Leaders
Sep 6Tulong Kontra Bulutong (Revisiting Pediatric Chicken Pox)
Sep 12Unfinished war: Severe diarrhea in Children
Sep 13Primum Non Nocere, Patient Safety FIRST!
Sep 19Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF: Difficulties and Future Prospects)
Sep 20The Role of Social Media in Diabetes Prevention and Lifestyle Modification (Modern Diabetes Education: Empowering Students through Social Media)
Sep 26Must Control Uncontrolled HPN
Sep 27The Data Privacy Act: Doctors Rights and Responsibilities in this Digital Health Age
Oct 3(Elderly Filipino Week)