UP Med Webinars 2019 Class 1994

Date Title  
January 16Updates on Drug Therapy of Type 2 DM: Out with the Old, In with the New?Watch
January 23New Year: Time to Debunk Myths on VaccinesWatch
January 30Dyslipidemia Management in Patients with Hepatic & Renal ImpairmentWatch
February 6All about the big “C”: Cancer screening, early detection and updatesWatch
February 13Hyper2019: Updates on HypertensionWatch
February 20Mental health in the communityWatch
February 27CV Risk Reduction in T2DMWatch
Mar 6Stemming the Tide of HPVWatch
Mar 13Burden and Consequences of Residual Paralysis & the Value of Neuromuscular MonitoringWatch
Mar 20Tuberculosis and DiabetesWatch
Mar 27Anti-microbial Resistance State of the Philippines, where are we now? Watch
Apr 3Nutrition in the critically ill Watch
Apr 10Head and Neck CancerWatch
Apr 22Wrapping our Heads Around MigraineWatch
Apr 24Back to Bakuna: Vaccines for AdultsWatch
Apr 25Kalusugan Para sa Lahat 3: Universal Health Care LawWatch
May 6Early In-hospital Initiation of Chronic Medications for Heart FailureWatch
May 8Reaching the Cervical Cancer End GameWatch
May 15Treatment of Hyperglycemia in the Hospital SettingWatch
May 203 T’s and an A: Questions to Ask about VertigoWatch
May 22BP Control in Special Populations i.e. Diabetes, CKD, PregnantWatch
May 27(Health) Data GovernanceWatch
May 29Nutrition for Persons with Renal DiseasesWatch
June 3Updates on Asthma ManagementWatch
June 5The Role of Social Media in Advocacy for CancerWatch
June 10The Role of Biologics in the Treatment of UveitisWatch
June 17Passing Out Stones Without Passing OutWatch
June 19Glycemic control among pts with DM NephropathyWatch
June 26Cancer Treatment Beyond Chemotherapy: Introduction to Immuno-OncologyWatch
July 3Management of Type 2 DM in Primary CareWatch
July 10Evidence-Based approaches to managing diabetes mellitusWatch
July 15Everything but the Good: The Significance of non-HDL Cholesterol in clinical practiceWatch
July 17It’s Complicated: Its Diabetes! (Diabetes Complications)Watch
July 22Defining the New standards of Care in DiabetesWatch
July 24Is Diabetes Now Reversible? Latest Evidence for Nutrition and weight Loss in DiabesityWatch
July 31Management of Ulcers and HyperacidityWatch
August 5DM RetinopathyWatch
August 7Healthy AgeingWatch
August 14Spots and Shots: The Burden of Varicella Breakthrough InfectionWatch
August 19Men's Health: Focus o Prostate DiseasesWatch
August 28New Injectables for Type 2 DMWatch
September 2Usapang AntibioticsWatch
September 4Fast Track Recovery: Role of Deep Block and ReversaslWatch
Sept 9Management of DM in the Era of CVOT'sWatch
Sept 11Diabetes and ObesityWatch
Sept 18Growing Up HealthyWatch
Sept 23The Long and Winding Road of Childhood ConstipationWatch
Sept 25Blood Disorders and CancersWatch
Oct 2Diabetes in the ElderlyWatch
Oct 7Incretins in the Management of Type 2 DMWatch
Oct 9Women's Health: Focus on Postmenopausal OsteoporosisWatch
Oct 16Getting Ahead an AGE-old Dis-EaseWatch
Oct 23Familial Cholesteolemia among FilipinosWatch
Oct 28Special Needs of the Psoriatic PatientWatch
Nov 6Use of Social Media and Informatics for Health Education for Chronic DiseasesWatch
Nov 11Why GLP-1 agonists are the preferred injectables in T2DMWatch
Nov 13Updates on Diabetes Mellitus: Looking Ahead to 2020Watch
Nov 18Insulin: Simplifying the Complexities of Insulin TherapyWatch
Nov 20Updates on COPDWatch
Nov 25H. Pylori Eradication and Prevention of Gastric CancerWatch
Nov 27Updates on Community Acquired PneumoniaWatch
Dec 9Current Public Health Challenges: A Discussion on Dengue and PolioWatch