UP Med Webinars 2021 Class 1996

Date Title  
January 18 Periconception Care for Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  
January 20 Maintaining Balance: Approach to Residual Vertigo  
January 22 COVID-19 and Hypertension  
January 25 Non-Contraceptive Benefits of Oral Contraceptive Pills  
January 27 HThis is WAR(t): Battling the Unspoken Burden of Genital Warts  
January 29 Prevention of VTE in Medically-III Patients  
February 01 Rheumatoid Arthritis  
February 03 Rotavirus Diarrhea: A Democratic Illness  
February 05 2020 CPG on Dyslipidemia: What's New?  
February 08 Taming the beast: The role of acid suppression in peptic ulcer bleeding and GERD  
February 10 Saving Mother's Lives: Managing Postpartum Hemorrhge  
February 12 Gout Eye Openers  
February 15 Reducing Residual Vascular Risk in People with Diabetic Dyslipidemia  
February 17 Creating a Stronghold for Cancer Patients: Cancer Management in the New Normal  
February 22 Contemporary Approach to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding  
February 24 Harmonizing the Evolving Diabetes Guideines as it Translates to Real-World Practice  
February 26 Healing Through Prayer: Spiritual and Medical Perspective (A Lenten Webinar)  
March 01 Non-Pharmacologic Management of Osteoarthritis  
March 03 What's PNEU? Keeping Up With Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations  
March 05 Low Molecular Weight Heparin for COVID-19 Patients  
March 08 Prenatal Care During the Pandemic  
March 10 Choosing the Right Progestogen: Latest Updates  
March 12 Central Causes of Vertigo: Clinical Gems to Treasure  
March 15 Think Nutrition First: Optimizing Nutrition for Women of Reproductive Age  
March 17 Chronic Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis  
March 19 Approach to the Management of Hypertension  
March 22 Menstrual Disorders  
March 24 Post-Operative Pulmonary Complications  
March 26 2021: Twists and Turns in TB Management  
March 29 Acute Coronary Syndrome Management in the COVID-19 Era  
March 31 Challenging the treatment paradigm and heterogeneity of T2DM among Asians  
April 05 Optimizing Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage  
April 07 Our National Exanthems: Measles and Varicella  
April 09 Inflammatory Back Pain  
April 12 Pain and Bleeding in Endometriosis  
April 14 Leave No One Behind: Managing Residual Risk from Dysipidemia   
April 16 Single Pill Combination in the Management of Hypertension: A Review   
April 19 Dizziness in the Elderly  
April 21 Giving Your Patients a Headstart: Management of Head and Neck Cancers  
April 23 VTE Prophylaxis in Orthopedic Surgery  
April 26 Understanding Inflammation in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  
April 28 Discovering the Impact of Young Onset Diabetes on Acute and Chronic Complications  
April 30 This Poo Shall Pass: A Safe and Long term Management of Constipation  
May 03 Real Heartaches: Approach to Angina  
May 05 Counting down to Cervical Cancer Elimination  
May 07 Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in Special Populations  
May 10 Evaluation and Management of Secondary Amenorrhea  
May 12 Updates in the Treatment of Nosocomial Pneumonia in the ICU  
May 14 Knowing Pain: Chronic Gastritis Management  
May 17 Optimizing Nutrition and Blood Health in Women  
May 19 The Role of Lipid Management in Microvascular Complications of Diabetes  
May 21 VTE Prevention in ICU Patients  
May 24 Status Epilepticus  
May 26 Exploring Recent Advances in the Alpha Cell and Beta Cell as it Relates to Early Combination Therapy  
May 28 Tips and Tricks in the Management of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  
May 31 Dealing with Burnout and Compassion Fatigue  
June 02 Inflammatory Bowel Disease  
June 04 Cost-Effectiveness of Intensive Hypertension Control  
June 07 Terazosin in 2021: Appropriate or Antiquated?  
June 09 VulvoVaginitis: Updates in Diagnosis and Management  
June 11 Updates in the Diagnosis and Management of Adult Asthma in the Time of COVID-19  
June 14 All Bases Covered for Diabetes: Insights from the CREDENCE Trial  
June 16 Management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding due to Ovarian Dysfunction  
June 18 How to Save a Life: ACS Management  
June 21 Optimal Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Vestibular Disorders  
June 23 Family Planning during the COVID-19 Pandemic  
June 25 Practicalities of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease  
June 28 Saving Mothers from Postpartum Hemorrhage  
June 30 Highlighting the Efficacy and Safety of Overcoming Clinical Inertia in the Management of Type 2 DM  
July 02 Parenteral Nutrition in Surgery  
July 05 Changing Concepts in Endometriosis  
July 07 Revisiting Diabetic Kidney Disease and the Importance of Addressing Glycemia Lowering Strategies for T2DM  
July 09 The Physician as a Public Health Advocate  
July 12 Management of Vertigo ad Dizziness in the New Normal  
July 14 Palliative Care in Cancer  
July 16 Facebook, Diabetes and the COVID-19 Infodemic  
July 19 Cardio and Renal Protection in Hypertensive Patients  
July 21 Of infections and Cancer: Understanding HPV Immunology  
July 23 Dual Antiplatelet Therapy: De-escalation Strategy  
July 26 Rational Use of Progesterone and Tocolytics During Pregnancy  
July 28 Urology in Primary Healthcare: A Prostate Disease Updated for your Clinical Practice  
July 30 Management of Threatened Miscarriage and its Variants  
August 02 Interplay Between Diet and Hypertension  
August 04 The Impact of COVID-19 on Antimicrobial Resistance  
August 06 2021 Hypertension Philippine Guidelines  
August 09 Take 5: Micronutrient Supplementation during the Five Stages of Pregnancy  
August 11 Dual Antiplatelet Therapy for Stroke: When, Why and How  
August 13 Sore Throat on Snooze  
August 16 Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  
August 18 Updates on CML treatment  
August 20 Low Molecular Weight Heparin: Biosimilar or Not  
August 23 The Essentials of Combined Oral Contraceptive Use  
August 25 Optimizing the Clinical Implications and Future Perspectives of CV Risk among Patients with Diabetes  
August 27 OVulva: From Cradle to Grave  
August 30 Puzzling Thyroid Function Tests  
September 01 The Dual Burden of Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease  
September 03 Interplay Between Diet and Hypertension  
September 06 Evaluating Evidence for Therapy of Novel or Emerging Diseases  
September 08 H.O.P. to Fertility  
September 10 Osteoporosis 101  
September 13 Is PCOS causing the missed period?  
September 15 Post-op Nausea and Vomiting  
September 16 Treatment options for vaginal infections  
September 20 Evidence-Based Principles of Blood Health Nutrition among Pregnant Filipinos  
September 22 Emergency Contraception: The Unspoken Truth  
September 24 Addressing the Cardinal, Potentially Fatal and Yet Frequently Dismissed Symptoms of Menopause  
September 27 COPD and Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Beta Blockers  
September 29 Balancing the Benefits and Harm of Strict Glycemic Control in the Elderly  
October 01 Hypertension Management in Diabetic Kidney Disease  
October 04 Promoting Public Health through Science and Advocacy  
October 06 The Future of HPV Prevention in the Philippines  
October 08 Management of Common ENT Infections during the Pandemic  
October 11 The Dynamic Approach to Thyroid Cancer Risk Stratification, Treatment and Follow-Up  
October 13 #BCWeCan: a Multi Disciplinary team Approach in managing Breast Cancer  
October 15 Pulmonary Embolism  
October 18 Efficacy of Luteal Phase Support During the First Trimester of Pregnancy  
October 20 GERD Management: Navigating Through the Pandemic  
October 22 Care for Musculoskeletal Pain in Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic  
October 25 Diagnostic Evaluation of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  
October 27 Integrating inpatient care in the comprehensive management of diabetes  
October 29 Revisiting the Role of Beta Blockers Across the Spectrum of Cardiovascular Disease  
November 03 Gallstone Disease: Indications for Oral Dissolution Therapy  
November 05 Approach to Hypertension Management and Adherence  
November 08 Hodgkin Lymphoma and other CD30 Positive Lymphomas  
November 10 To More Tomorrows: Immunotheraphy Milestones in the Treatment Paradigm of Lung Cancer  
November 12 Managing Anogenital Warts at the Time of COVID-19: Maximizing Clearance, Minimizing Recurrence  
November 15 Cardiovascular and Renal Risk Reduction in Type 2 DM  
November 17 Approach to the Management of Joint Pains  
November 22 Vertigo Management from the ENT Perspective  
November 24 Expanding the Boundaries of T2DM Management using Intensified, Multifactorial Interventions and Individualized Care  
November 26 Compassionate Healthcare in the Time of a Pandemic  
November 29 Concerns and Challenges in OCP Use  
December 01 PCOS Related Amenorrhea  
December 03 Reducing the risk of VTE in hospitalized patients  
December 06 Metronidazole: Therapeutic Review and Updates in Clinical Practice