UP Med Webinars 2022 Class 1997

Date Title  
January 21 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Updates 2022  
January 26 The Compelling Link between the Thyroid and Metabolic Syndrome  
January 28 Unraveling the Science of Vertigo  
February 02 PRC matters: Frequently Asked Questions from Healthcare Professionals  
February 04 Advocating for the Ethical and Legal Practice of Organ Donation  
February 07 Approach to Amenorrhea Part 1  
February 11 Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Breast Cancer  
February 14 Dealing with COVID-19 from Pandemic to Endemic: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward  
February 16 A Review of Strategies: Iron Supplementation and Blood Health in Pregnancy  
February 18 The Role of Prokinetics in Gastric Motility Disorders  
February 21 UTI: What the Guidelines Tell Us  
February 23 Do oral and oropharyngeal hygiene practices prevent Infection?  
February 28 What Makes Rotavirus Diarrhea Different?  
March 02 Postpartum Hemorrhage: Challenges and Solutions  
March 04 Approach to Management of Diarrhea: The Role of Racecadotril  
March 07 Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind: Caring for the Patient thru OPAT  
March 09 Vestibular Evaluation in the ER: Acute Stroke Syndromes, Vestibular Neuritis and Acute Labyrinthitis  
March 11 Cardiovascular Risk and the Role of Non-HDL in its Management  
March 15 National Cochlear Implant Program-Philippines v1.0  
March 16 Pediatric Pneumonia: State of the Art  
March 18 Approach to Threatened Miscarriage  
March 21 Chronic Maintenance Pharmacologic Therapy of Hypertension in Pregnancy  
March 23 Diabetes in the Time of Pandemic: How to Minimize Risks  
March 28 Managing Post COVID 19 Pulmonary Complications  
March 29 Planetary Health: A New Paradigm for the Era of COVID 19 and Climate Change  
March 30 Management of the Ventilated Pneumonia Patient  
April 01 The Role of Laxatives in Constipation: Focus on Lactulose  
April 04 Management of Hypertension in the Young  
April 08 Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease  
April 13 Rise of Carbapenemases in the treatment of Bacterial Infection  
April 18 The Role of Ondansetron in Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Post-operative and Pregnancy Induced Nausea and Vomiting  
April 20 Invigorating with Micronutrients  
April 22 Immunology Directions in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss